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The ASME Awards for Photography and Illustration honor magazines and websites for visual excellence. Established in 2020, the awards are sponsored and administered by the American Society of Magazine Editors. Finalists receive certificates of recognition. Winners receive specially designed awards displaying the winning content. Finalists and winners will be honored at the annual presentation of the National Magazine Awards on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at Brooklyn Steel, in Williamsburg, New York.

Magazines and websites edited and published in the United States are eligible to enter the ASME Awards for Photography and Illustration. Other creators and publishers of magazine-like content, including newspapers and newsletters, are also eligible. Marketing and promotional magazines and websites are not eligible.

Any print or digital content published in 2021 by an eligible media organization may be entered. Entries may include photographs and illustrations used in special-interest and newsstand-only publications. No photograph or illustration may be entered without the approval of the publication in which it appeared. The administrators of the ASME Awards for Photography and Illustration reserve the right to determine if a publication qualifies for entry.

Five finalists, including a winner, will be chosen in each of the following 10 categories:

  • Best News and Entertainment PhotographHonors politics, business, sports and technology photographs
  • Best Service and Lifestyle PhotographHonors photographs that address readers’ needs and interests
  • Best Profile PhotographHonors portraiture
  • Best Conceptual PhotographHonors staged and digitally manipulated photographs
  • Best News and Entertainment StoryHonors the use of photography in feature stories, editorial departments and social media
  • Best Service and Lifestyle Story Honors the use of photography in feature stories, editorial departments and social media
  • Best Photo PortfolioHonors photojournalism and photo essays
  • Best Print IllustrationHonors work for magazines
  • Best Digital IllustrationHonors work for websites and apps
  • Best Illustrated StoryHonors visual storytelling

Photography entries may have been published in print or online and may include print spreads. Stories and portfolios may include work published both in print and online.

Rules and Eligibility

  1. Print content must be dated 2021 (entries dated December 2021/January 2022 or an equivalent, such as Fall 2021/Winter 2022, are eligible; entries dated December 2020/January 2021 are not).
  2. Digital content must have been largely produced in 2021. Screenshots may be requested to verify publication dates.
  3. An entry consists of one image, which may have been published as a spread, or one story or portfolio.
  4. An entry may consist of print or digital content or include both print and digital content.
  5. Publications can submit no more than four entries in any category.
  6. The nomination of any publication more than once in any category is subject to the approval of the ASME Board of Directors.
  7. The same image, in original or adapted form, cannot be submitted in more than one category.
  8. Photographs and illustrations used on magazine covers may be entered but not the covers themselves.
  9. Content entered in the ASME Awards for Photography and Illustration can also be entered in the National Magazine Awards.
  10. Each entry must include a statement explaining why the entry merits recognition (statements are strictly limited to 100 words).

How the Finalists and Winners Are Chosen Finalists and winners are chosen by panels of judges selected by the administrators of the awards. Judges include the chief editors, art directors and photography editors of leading magazines and websites. Most are members of ASME. A list of the judges is published when the winners of the awards are announced. The results are subject to the approval of the ASME Board of Directors. Awards may be withheld in any category in which the entries fall below the standard of excellence set by the ASME Board of Directors or in which the number of entries is deemed insufficient by the administrators of the awards.

How to Submit an Entry All entries must be submitted online at asmeawards.org. Entries consisting of one image originally published in print or online must be formatted as JPEGs. PDFs of or links to the image in context must also be submitted.

Stories and portfolios originally published in print must be formatted as PDFs. PDFs should be converted to a single file in correct page order before uploading. Advertisements should not be included. Pages in editorial spreads should be shown together. High-resolution files are preferred.

Entries consisting of stories and portfolios originally published online require the submission of web links or app-specific instructions, including usernames and passwords. Screenshots or video files may be substituted for content that is no longer available online.

Entrants are advised to visit the website before preparing submissions.

Entries received after the deadline may be accepted at the discretion of the administrators of the awards but will be subject to a $95 late fee. Entries consisting of content published after the deadline will be accepted without penalty until Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

Entry fee for ASME members: $95 per entry. Entry fee for nonmembers: $195 per entry 
Entry deadline: 9:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, December 2, 2021
For more information, email asme@asme.media or call 212.872.3737
To apply for ASME membership, visit asme.media/membership


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