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ASME Awards 2023 Judges

A complete list of the 2024 judges will be published after the awards presentation in April 2024


Sudip Bose Editor, The American Scholar
Joe Brown Editor, one5c
Maile Carpenter Editorial Director, Warner Bros. Discovery Partnership Magazines, Hearst Magazines
Ben Goldberger Executive Editor, TIME
D.D. Guttenplan Editor, The Nation
Clara Jeffery Editor in Chief, Mother Jones
Radhika Jones Editor in Chief, Vanity Fair
Lauren Kern Editor in Chief, Apple News
Lindsey B. King Editor, 5280
Amanda Kludt Group Publisher, Lifestyle, Vox Media
Cindi Leive Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Meteor
Stephanie Mehta Chief Executive Officer and Chief Content Officer, Mansueto Ventures
Mary Melton Editorial Director, Godfrey Dadich Partners
Janice Min Chief Executive Officer, The Ankler
Puja Patel Editor in Chief, Pitchfork
Kyle Pope Editor and Publisher, The Columbia Journalism Review
Paul Reyes Editor, Virginia Quarterly Review
Debra Adams Simmons Executive Editor, History and Culture, National Geographic
Bill Strickland Editorial Director, Enthusiast and Consumer Group, Hearst Magazines
Duy Linh Tu Professor, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
Julia Turner Deputy Managing Editor, Los Angeles Times
Liz Vaccariello Editorial Director, Dotdash Meredith
Geoff Van Dyke Editorial Director, 5280
Charles Whitaker Dean, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University


Laurie Abraham Senior Editor, 1843 Magazine
Sumi Aggarwal Editor
Ian Aldrich Senior Features Editor, Yankee Magazine
Matt Allyn Features Director, Bicycling, Popular Mechanics and Runner's World
Alissa Ambrose Director of Photography and Multimedia, STAT
David A. Andelman Editor, Andelman Unleashed, Substack
Gail Anderson Chair, BFA Design and BFA Advertising, School of Visual Arts
Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson Freelance Writer, Editor, Digital Strategist
Elizabeth Angell Editor in Chief, Romper
Taylor Antrim Deputy Editor, Vogue
Gabriel Arana Editor in Chief, Texas Observer
Shaye Areheart Director of the Columbia Publishing Courses, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
Jesse Ashlock Deputy Global Editorial Director, Condé Nast Traveler
Sara Austin Executive Editor, ELLE
Katherine Bagley Executive Editor, Grist
Jenny Bailly Executive Beauty Director, Allure
Lisa Bain Executive Director, Health Newsroom, Hearst Lifestyle Group
James Bareham Creative Director, Vox Media Networks
Jenny Barnett Editorial Consultant
Jonathan Beckman Editor, 1843 Magazine
Christopher Beha Editor, Harper's Magazine
Gary Belsky President, Elland Road Partners
James Bennet Lexington Columnist, The Economist
Reginald Dwayne Betts Contributing Writer, The New York Times Magazine
Tiffany Blackstone Executive Director, Hearst Magazines
Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin Professor of Journalism, Columbia College Chicago
Jennifer Bogo Editor in Chief, Audubon
Erin Bried Editor in Chief, Kazoo
Jenna Brillhart Creative Director, InStyle, Byrdie, Shape, Brides
David Brindley Managing Editor, National Geographic
Taffy Brodesser-Akner Staff Writer, The New York Times Magazine
Aeriel Brown Photography Director, Bloomberg Businessweek
Cian Browne Design Director, W Magazine
Jason Buhrmester Chief Content Officer, Reader's Digest
Sarah Burke Editor in Chief, Them
Scott Burton Executive Editor, ESPN Digital
Lesley Busby Creative Director, D Magazine
Maria Bustillos Editor, Popula and the Brick House Cooperative
Jordan Calhoun Editor in Chief, Lifehacker and The Takeout
Stephen Cannella Co-Editor in Chief, Sports Illustrated
Nicholas Carlson Global Editor in Chief, Insider
Sharon Carty Director of Communications, Ushr Inc.
Sewell Chan Editor in Chief, The Texas Tribune
Jacqueline Cheng Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Brown Institute
Roger Cheng Head of News, CNET
Melissa Chessher Endowed Chair, Journalism Division, Southern Methodist University
Sonia Chopra Executive Editor, Bon Appétit and Epicurious
Donna Cohen Director of Photography, Bloomberg Markets
Micah Cohen Editor in Chief, Stacker
Tracy Connor Editor in Chief, The Daily Beast
Emily Cooke Editorial Director, The New Republic
Julia Cosgrove Vice President and Editor in Chief, AFAR
Ben Court Executive Editor, Men's Health
Kat Craddock Editorial Director, SAVEUR
Sarah Cristobal Editor, Writer and Consultant
Abigail Cuffey Executive Editor, Women's Health
Ryan D'Agostino Editorial Director, Projects, Hearst Magazines
Serena Dai Editorial Director, Bon Appétit
Sherri Dalphonse Editor, Washingtonian
Seyward Darby Editor in Chief, The Atavist
Jennifer Davidson Editorial Director, MarthaStewart.com
Jordan Davidson Editorial Director, Health
Dawn Davis Editor in Chief, Bon Appétit and Epicurious
David Dayen Executive Editor, The American Prospect
Linda Denahan Photography Director, SAVEUR + Domino
Diane di Costanzo Chief Content Officer and Vice President, Dotdash Meredith Foundry 360
Mia Diehl Director of Photography, Fortune
Jessica Dodell-Feder Executive Editor, HGTV Magazine
Kira Brunner Don Editor in Chief, Stranger's Guide
Diane Dragan Global Director, Content Strategy and Operations, Architectural Digest
Beth Dreher Executive Editor, Good Housekeeping
Katie Drummond Senior Vice President, Global News, VICE
Chrissy Dunleavy Design Director, TIME
Sophia Efthimiatou Head of Writer Relations, Substack
Shahrzad Elghanayan Senior Photography Editor, NBC News Digital
David M. Ewalt Editor in Chief, Gizmodo
Cassi Feldman Editor in Chief, Type Investigations
Michael Fell Editor in Chief, TV Guide Magazine
Eric Ferrero Executive Director, Fund for Investigative Journalism
Paul Fichtenbaum Chief Content Officer, The Athletic
Peter Flax Editor in Chief, The Red Bulletin
Seth Fletcher Chief Features Editor, Scientific American
Leah Flickinger Executive Features Director, Hearst Enthusiast Group
Oma Blaise Ford Executive Editor, Better Homes & Gardens
Stephen Frailey Founder and Editor, DEAR DAVE
Ben Frumin Editor in Chief, Wirecutter
Geoffrey Gagnon Global Features Director, GQ
Aileen Gallagher Associate Professor, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University
Leigh Gallagher Director of External Affairs, Google
Lindsay Garbutt Senior Editor, Poetry
Hugh Garvey Editor in Chief, Sunset
Keith Gessen Delacorte Professor of Magazine Journalism, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
Jon Gluck Editorial Director, Special Projects, Medium
Jeffrey Goldberg Editor in Chief, The Atlantic
Harry Goldstein Acting Editor in Chief, IEEE Spectrum
Patrick Gomez Editor in Chief, Entertainment Weekly
Dan Goodgame Editor in Chief, Texas Monthly
Ericka N. Goodman-Hughey Deputy Editor, ESPN
Jenna Goudreau Vice President and Managing Editor, CNBC Digital
David Granger Senior Agent, Aevitas Creative Management
Jeanne Graves Director of Photography, Fast Company
Emily Greenhouse Editor, The New York Review of Books
Kaitlyn Greenidge Features Director, Harper's Bazaar
Megan Greenwell Editor
Vanessa Grigoriadis Co-founder, Campside Media
Ryan Grim Features Director, Delish
Daniel Gumbiner Editor, The Believer
David Hajdu Professor, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism; Music Critic, The Nation
Kathryne Hall Visuals Director, Allure and Glamour
Alicia Hallett-Chan Creative Director, Forbes
Rachelle Hampton Writer and Podcast Host, Slate
William Hanley Editor in Chief, Dwell
Reyhan Harmanci Special Projects Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek
Christine Harper Editor, Bloomberg Markets
David Haskell Editor in Chief, New York Magazine
Susan Hassler Editor in Chief Emeritus, IEEE Spectrum
Alex Heard Editor in Chief, Outside
Amanda Heckert Executive Editor, Garden & Gun
Peter Hemmel Creative Director, Woman's Day
Elizabeth Meyers Hendrickson Professor, Ohio University
Amanda Hinnant Associate Professor, Wallace Turner Memorial Faculty Fellow, Missouri School of Journalism
Roger Hodge Editor in Chief, The Intercept
Jared Hohlt Editorial Director, T: The New York Times Style Magazine
Donovan Hohn Writer and Professor, Wayne State University; Editorial Board, Lapham's Quarterly
Sally Holmes Editor in Chief, Marie Claire
Carol Holstead Associate Professor, William Allen White School of Journalism, University of Kansas
Mat Honan Editor in Chief, MIT Technology Review
Brian Howard Editor, Philadelphia
Caroline Howard Executive Editor, Forbes
Claire Howorth Executive Editor, Vanity Fair
Elizabeth Hudson Editor in Chief, Our State
Samir "Mr. Magazine™" Husni Founder and Director, Magazine Media Center
Dennis Huynh Director of Product Design, Editorial, GoodRx Health
Corinne Iozzio Editor
Jude Isabella Editor in Chief, Hakai Magazine
Danielle Amir Jackson Editor in Chief, Oxford American
Mark Jannot Story Editor, The New York Times Magazine
Darin Johnson Creative Director, Car and Driver
Richard Just Former Editor, The Washington Post Magazine
Deanne Kaczerski Editor in Chief and Global Vice President of Digital, Travel Curator
Rawiya Kameir Assistant Professor, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University
Lucy Kaylin Vice President, Print Content, Hearst Magazines
Maria G. Keehan Creative Director, Smithsonian
Chuck Kerr Creative Director, Entertainment Weekly
Brian Kevin Editor in Chief, Down East
Mignon Khargie Art Director, Grist.org
Silvia Killingsworth Executive Editor, Bloomberg News
Richard Kim Editor in Chief, The City
Emily Kimbro Creative Director, Texas Monthly
Jamilah King Managing Editor, BuzzFeed News
Deborah Kirk Editorial Director, Diablo Publications
Jordan Kisner Contributing Writer, The New York Times Magazine and The Atlantic
Ellen Kunes Editorial Director, Print, Consumer Reports
Nishat Kurwa Senior Vice President and Executive Producer, Audio, Vox Media Podcast Network
Adam B. Kushner Education Editor, The Washington Post
Adrienne LaFrance Executive Editor, The Atlantic
Rosey Lakos Director of Photography, Godfrey Dadich Partners
Yanick Rice Lamb Professor and Independent Journalist, Howard University and FierceforBlackWomen.com
Nia Lawrence Creative Director, NL Design Studio
Clifton Leaf Adjunct Professor of Journalism, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
James Ledbetter Executive Editor, The Observer
Edmund Lee Assistant Editor, The New York Times
Dragos Lemnei Deputy Design Director, Esquire
Tim Leong Creative Director
Kevin Lerner Associate Professor of Journalism, Marist College
Amelia Lester Executive Editor, Foreign Policy
Joe Levy Editor at Large, Billboard
Joel Lovell Executive Editor, Pineapple Street Studios
Nathan Lump Editor in Chief, National Geographic
Natasha Lunn Visual Director, Harper's Bazaar
Gerald Maa Editor, The Georgia Review
Jennifer D. Madara Creative Director, Better Homes & Gardens
John Mancini Director, Reporting and Writing Program, Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY; Editor, NYCity News Service
Meg Marco Editor in Chief, Observer
Rona Marech Editor in Chief, National Parks
Jacqueline Marino Professor, Kent State University School of Media and Journalism
Jason Mark Editor in Chief, Sierra
Nick Martin Senior Editor, High Country News
David Matt Chief Creative Officer, Foundry 360 @ Dotdash Meredith
Douglas McGray
Rachel Davis Mersey
 Associate Dean for Research, University of Texas at Austin
Sabine Meyer Photography Director, National Audubon Society
Rachel Wilkerson Miller Editor in Chief, SELF
Debbie Millman Editorial Director, PrintMag.com; Podcast Host, Design Matters
Nekesa Moody Editorial Director, The Hollywood Reporter
Janice Morris
Robert Newman
 The Man, Newmanology
Terrance Noland Editor in Chief, Chicago
Laura Norkin Senior Editorial Director, InStyle
Andrew Nusca Former Executive Editor, Morning Brew
Brian O'Keefe Executive Editor, Esquire
Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson Vice President, Creative, Food52
Jayne Haugen Olson Editor in Chief, Mpls.St.Paul
Kristina O'Neill Editor in Chief, WSJ. Magazine
Charlotte Owen Editor in Chief, Bustle and Elite Daily
Nilay Patel Editor in Chief, The Verge
Samir S. Patel Editor in Chief, Atlas Obscura
Natasha Pearlman Executive Editor, Glamour
Abe Peck Director, Business to Business Communication, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University; Editor at Large, Inside Unmanned Systems
Carolyn Petit Managing Editor, Kotaku
Lance A. Pettiford Creative Director and Design Consultant; Adjunct Professor, Howard University
Corinne Pierre-Louis Editor, Brides
Alan P. Pittman Managing Editor, Golf Digest
Chris Plante Editor in Chief, Polygon
Alex Pollack Photography Director, Bustle Digital Group
Eileen Pollack Professor Emerita, University of Michigan
Sumanth Prabhaker Editor in Chief, Orion
Lizzie Presser Reporter, ProPublica
Seana Quinn Managing Editor, Emergence
Elizabeth Ralph Editor, POLITICO Magazine
Evan Ratliff Journalist, Editor and Podcast Host
Jessica Reed Head of Narrative, The Guardian
Jennifer Reut Editor, Landscape Architecture Magazine
Betsy Riley Editor in Chief, Atlanta
Tatsha Robertson Deputy Editor, The Root
Gideon Rose Former Editor, Foreign Affairs
Alex Robert Ross Editorial Director, The FADER
Chris Rovzar Editor, Bloomberg Pursuits
Peter Rubin Head of Publishing, Longreads and The Atavist
Zoe Ruderman General Manager and Vice President, People
Michael Schnaidt Creative Director, Fast Company
Ellen Seidman Executive Editor, Food Network Magazines
Liz Sgroi Executive Director, Food Network Magazine and The Pioneer Woman Magazine
Noah Shachtman Editor in Chief, Rolling Stone
Carla Shackleford Managing Editor, Philadelphia
Swati Sharma Editor in Chief, Vox
Julianne Escobedo Shepherd Freelance Writer
Nancy Shute Editor in Chief, Science News
Leta Shy Senior Vice President, Beauty and Style Group, InStyle, Byrdie, Brides, Shape
Ivylise Simones Creative Director, Slate
Sally Singer
Genevieve Smith
 Features Director, New York
Sarah Smith Editor in Chief, Prevention
Gabriel Snyder Publisher and Editor in Chief, The Fine Print
Mark Solheim Editorial Director, Kiplinger's Personal Finance
Nadja Spiegelman Editor in Chief, ASTRA Magazine
Nykia Spradley Deputy Editor, Seventeen
Arjun Srivatsa Director of Programming and Development, Pitchfork
Ron Stodghill Professor, University of Missouri School of Journalism
Emily Stokes Editor, The Paris Review
Emily Roberts Stone Editor in Chief, Texas Highways
Sade Strehlke Editor
Flora Stubbs Executive Editor, Travel + Leisure
Eric Sullivan Senior Editor, Esquire
Asad Syrkett Editor in Chief, ELLE Décor
Catherine Talese Photography Editor, Avenue Magazine; Educator, International Center of Photography
Jonathan Tepperman Editor in Chief and Senior Fellow, The Catalyst
John Timmer Science Editor, Ars Technica
Brendan Vaughan Editor in Chief, Fast Company
Greg Veis Senior Editor, Apple News
Amber Venerable Creative Director, Allure and SELF
Allecia Vermillion Executive Editor, Seattle Met
Jessica Voelker Editor in Chief, WorkLab
Chris Vogel Editor, Boston Magazine
Justin Vogt Executive Editor, Foreign Affairs
Karolina Waclawiak Editor in Chief, BuzzFeed News
Joel Weber Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek
Neil Wertheimer Deputy Editor, AARP Publications
Carli Whitwell Senior Director of Editorial, Refinery29
Jennifer Wilson Associate Professor and Chair, Magazine & Brand Media; Director, E.T. Meredith Center for Magazine and Brand Media, Drake University
David Wolf Editor, The Guardian Long Read
Amy Wolff Photography Director, Hearst Enthusiast Group
Tali Woodward Editor in Chief, The Trace
Abi Wright Executive Director, Professional Prizes, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
Stephanie Wu Editor in Chief, Eater
Blaise Zerega Managing Editor, Alta Journal
Kristal Brent Zook Professor of Journalism and Author

Titles and affiliations listed were at time of judging